Related Projects

Two related research projects focusing on adolescent psychological adjustment (e.g., substance abuse, depression, and anxiety) that Dr. Ohannessian is involved with are the Adolescent Adjustment Project and the Balance Project.

Adolescent Adjustment Project

The Adolescent Adjustment Project (AAP) is a longitudinal NIH-funded research project directed by Dr. Christine McCauley Ohannessian at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. The primary goal of the AAP is to uncover factors that protect young people from developing psychological and substance use problems. The project currently includes a diverse sample of over 1,400 adolescents and a subset of their parents. Adolescents completed surveys during each year in high school. In 2014, follow-up data were collected from AAP participants as they entered emerging adulthood.

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Balance Project

The Balance Project seeks to study work-family conflict and its effects on the home environment (and vice versa) using controlled laboratory methods, and methods that allow for the study of these factors in “real-life” outside of the laboratory. By understanding the ways in which work-family conflict and the home environment influence each other, we may gain a better understanding of how to improve functioning in both work and home domain, and thus increase parents’ work engagement and productivity.